Pre-Construction Design & Bid

"Taking your dreams, desires and needs to pre-constriction
designed solutions"

Like so many of us living in the South Florida, finding the time to tackle a home improvement project is very difficult. Just the planning phase of a project can be overwhelming whether it is kitchen or bath remodel, a large renovation or new construction.

Why rough estimates are inaccurate!

Very often we're asked to come to a prospective customer home or office to discuss a particular construction project.

Whether it is a kitchen or bath remodel or an addition to a residence, we're asked "Give us a "rough" idea what the project will cost.

The correct answer only becomes apparent after a process of bringing the customers preferences and needs in line with the quality of materials, proper construction practice and adherence to current building codes.

Hurricane Andrew (8/24/1992, 922 mb central pressure) hammered Florida City, Homestead, Naranja Lakes, Goulds, (now) Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest with Category 5 force winds and micro-bursts (cyclones). Damage extended inland including "Country Walk" and to North Miami. Post Andrew, the Florida Building code has had major revisions in 2004 and now 2007 to make structures much stronger and safer.

"BEWARE" - Rough estimates are just that! 

Customers are frequently given low estimates where the scope of work is ambiguous and there are NO set of specifications. Usually, repeated "Change Notices" during the construction process result from a change in design or material specifications requested by the customer. Our customers will be presented an accurate "Budget ", if the project has a set of pre-construction drawings (preferably approved by the local Building & Zoning Department) and a set of job and material specifications including a specific scope of work.

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